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I paint to express joy, to explore, and to give gratitude to the amazing beings that we share the planet with. It is my intention that my paintings inspire others to express themselves, to seek a deeper relationship with Mother Earth, and to lean into the magic that is Nature.

Growing up in the foothills of Northern California I spent my childhood summers exploring the mountains and climbing trees while my dad panned for gold. This gave me a deep sense of connection and love for nature. I had always enjoyed sketching, but it was in college that I took a beginners painting class and fell in love with painting. After graduating with a degree in math I became a web developer and continued to paint acrylics and watercolor as a hobby. Bob Ross, countless YouTube tutorials, and years of practice helped to grow my skills, with my connection to nature being the largest source of inspiration.

Creative expression allows us to touch the sacred, to mold whatever medium we select and get lost in the process of creation.  It is this pursuit that moves me to continue painting, and through sharing my paintings with the world I hope to spread joy and inspire others to try their own hand at creating. launched in November, 2020.